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Sponsored by Yours Business Networks and run by Swarm Hive, the seminar is designed to allow enterprising business owners & managers to network with like-minded people in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere – it’s networking at a reasonable hour of the day, without the referrals, pressure, and cost of some networking groups. finishing in time to allow for a normal day’s business.

We’re really excited that, included in the hour, we have a fantastic guest speaker for you who focuses on motivation. There is a tendency in many businesses and teams to throw time, effort and money at what is often perceived as being the pointy end of productivity: direction, goals, strategy, skills and experience.

But just how much time, effort and money is spent on MOTIVATION? Yet without it, how can we expect to achieve? Is motivation tangible? Can it be truly measured and improved? Do you even know what motivates your teams? Can you articulate clearly what motivates you?

In his 15-minute slot, Personal Development coach and trainer Paul Ward will introduce you to a tool that can uncover your key motivational drivers so that we can develop strategies to improve the motivation levels within you and your teams.

Those who attend will receive the opportunity to gain access to complete their own Motivational Map to discover the insights for themselves.

Join us on Wednesday, November 29 at 07:30 – it’s free networking, a great guest speaker, free tea and coffee – what a great start to your day!

More about Paul Ward

Paul Ward is a Personal Development coach and trainer who focuses on the key motivational drivers of individuals and teams. As a Master Practitioner of NLP and with many years of management experience, Paul uses Motivational Map technology to unlock what really drives you at work and in your life. Using this information Paul develops strategies to enable you to deliver positive outcomes.

If you are a leader of teams, however big or small, Paul uses the same information to support you in the development of your people and increase overall productivity and motivation. This can have a long-lasting positive impact amongst your workforce to be incorporated into your development programmes. In addition, as a trainer of Motivational Maps, Paul can help you embed the map process within your organisation.

Paul’s flexible skills as a coach can be applied in developing teams in business or on a more one to one level to allow a
personal breakthrough in overcoming limiting beliefs or internal barriers.

Paul Ward.

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